One day at a time

"Life is easier if you only dread one day at a time" - Charlie Brown

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I literally mark the passage of my workday by periodically calculating how many episodes I could watch of [whatever show I’m currently binging on] if I left right now.

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2 episodes left of orphan black, and they said a clone will die in season 2

Well, a clone did die. The one from the video, Cosima performs an autopsy on her.

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While still alive they did divide
Their favourites from the throng,
Yet how to pick the worthy ones
When they were dead and gone?
'Twas Gryffindor who found the way,
He whipped me off his head
The founders put some brains in me
So I could choose instead!
Now slip me snug about your ears,
I’ve never yet been wrong,
I’ll have a look inside your mind
And tell where you belong!

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